SEO for Startups

Location, location, location! This is one of the quintessential business statements that is as true today as it was when it was first uttered. The difference between then-and-now is the context for why it’s still true. Originally it was meant to describe the natural foot traffic of a city. If your retail operation was off …
How SEO can define your brand

My friend Chris Brogan says he’s not a social media expert. The question is, what do other people believe? When I take a look at two SEO tools, they tell a very different story. For terms that Chris’ website and blog rank well for, we see: The red arrows are social media search terms...
UK Consumers Say Lunch Is on Me … and on Mobile

While cash is far from obsolete in the UK, evidence suggests that when it comes to small transactions, consumers are quite happy to use their mobile phone instead. A recent look at user spending on person-to-person payment system...
Google App Indexing Statistics & Errors Being Emailed To Webmasters

New Google Webmaster Tools email notifications drive app deep linking awareness in terms of errors and impression and click statistics.
Think the PageSpeed Insights tool is helpful? Read this, think again, and then share

I'm all for creating a great mobile experience but I am seriously fed up with Gooogle's PageSpeed Insights Tool and its symphony of false positive problem
Twitter launches new advertising tool for small businesses

Twitter introduced quick promote Wednesday, a new advertising feature that allows businesses to promote tweets directly from their analytics dashboard.
Here's 25 DIY growth hacking tips for your SEO

You don't have to be an SEO expert to boost your website's search engine cred. The SEO community shares tips on how individuals and organizations without SEO expertise can increase their sites' search engine rankings.
How To Improve Your Ranking: 5 Quick SEO Tips

Your website has been online for quite a while now, but you are, however, not happy with its ranking? You are asking yourself what you can do to rank...
Mobile Apps Score Among Super Bowl Viewers

Super Bowl viewers made mobile apps part of the football championship this year, especially social apps such as Facebook and Twitter. Though there's no denying digital usage related to the game, traditional TV advertising, known for its...
Your 2015 SEO strategy won't amount to much if the C-suite thinks you're a spammer.

You may have a killer SEO strategy mapped out for this year, but that won't matter if someone in the C-suite thinks you're just a spammer. Columnist Eric Enge advises how to navigate this tricky situation.
Why 'new PR' requires linkbuilding

This infographic from Buzzstream and Fractl explains why links are essential to effective branding and marketing.
Should Google do more to help sites recover from penalties?

Latest digital marketing and ecommerce insight, analysis and opinion from multi-award-winning team of analysts and experts. Read the blog and search press releases.
What do you anticipate will be the biggest SEO trends in 2015?

The top SEO trends to look out for in 2015. Prep your online store now!
Social Media, SEO Investment Rises As Paid Advertising Falls

The Autopilot report found 65 percent of companies felt that their marketing departments could do better at staying in touch with their customers.
8 SEO Trends Every Website Owner Must Pay Attention To In 2015..

Do you know what SEO trends will affect your website in 2015? Want to make sure you’re keeping up with Google’s latest guidelines? It’s essential for any website owner wanting to be found online to...